A piece moves to the square in its own king's field and blocks him. The opposite side takes advantage of it.

Distant self-block is a spacial case of a self-block when the blocked square lies outside the king's immediate field.

Passive self-block. The self-blocking piece does not move, but either the king moves or both pieces are static.

See also: Distant self-block; Blocking piece replacement; Pseudo Stocchi blocks; Stocchi blocks; Bukovina theme; Chernous theme; Chumakov theme; Feather 2 theme.

Sonnenfeld, Felix Alexander

Schach-Echo, 1976

Example: Self-block
h#2 4.1... (8+13)

1.Rxg3 Rb1 2.Rxg5 Rf1#
1.Bxd2 Bf1 2.Bxg5 Bh3#
1.h6 d3 2.hxg5 dxe4#
1.Se6 Sg6 2.Sxg5 Sh4#

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FEN: 4bnnN/3p2pp/1R3N2/b3pkPp/r1B1p3/r5P1/2KP4/8

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Paliulionis, Viktoras

Chorno-bili stezhyny, V. Chornous-85 JT, 2018

1st Prize

Example: Self-block
h#7 2.1... (2+6)

1.Rf7 Be6 2.Ke4 Bg4 3.Rd4 Kc2 4.Bd3+ Kd1 5.Qe5 Ke1 6.Sf4 Kf2 7.Rf5 Bf3#
1.Bc4+ Kb4 2.Re2 Bg8 3.Re6 Bh7 4.Kd5 Kc3 5.Qd6 Kd2 6.Se5 Ke3 7.Rc5 Be4#

10 active self-blocks.

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FEN: 8/2r5/6n1/3B4/3k4/1K6/3rb2q/8

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