Chernous theme

A black line-piece B gives a check, either directly or as the rear piece of a battery. A white piece W self-pins by interfering on the check-line. W is then directly unpinned by move of B, which eventually makes a self-block. W delivers mate.

Chornous, Volodimir

Meinking, Dan

harmonie, 1998

5th HM

Example: Chernous theme
h#3 2.1... (4+8)

1.Reg6 Sd2 2.Qd1+ Sb3 3.Qg4 Sd4#
1.Rgg6 Sde5 2.Qd4+ Sc4 3.Qf6 Se3#

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FEN: 8/b2N4/1p2r3/5kr1/K3p3/5NPp/8/6q1

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Paliulionis, Viktoras

Match Latvia-Lithuania-Leningrad, 1986

1-2 Place

Example: Chernous theme
h#2 b) -wSb4  (5+2)

a) 1.Qc5+ Sd5 2.Qa3 Sb6#
b) 1.Qe3+ Be4 2.Qa3 Bc6#

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FEN: 8/8/8/4K3/kN6/3B4/P7/2q1B3

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