Chumakov theme

Two forms of the Chumakov theme are recognized:

  1. Basic form: Two or more pieces captured in one phase self-block in another phase.
  2. Simplified form: In one phase, a black piece blocks a square, while another black piece is captured; in another phase, vice versa.

A cyclic form of the theme is also possible.

Chumakov, Gennadij

Ideal-Mate Review, 1990

Example: Chumakov theme
h#3*  (3+3)

1...Sd4 2.Sc2 Bb5 3.Sb4 Se2#

1.Be6 Sxa3 2.Kb3 Sc2 3.Ka2 Bxe6#

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FEN: 8/3B4/8/8/8/nbk5/2N5/2K5

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Paliulionis, Viktoras

SuperProblem, 2017

3rd Prize

Example: Chumakov theme
h#7.5 2.1... (2+6)

1...Bd7 2.R7c5 Bc6 3.Se4 Kc7 4.Sd6 Kd8 5.Be4 Bd7 6.Qc6 Ke7 7.Kd5 Kf6 8.Rd4 Be6#
1...Be2 2.Sb5 Ka5 3.Kc5 Bxc4 4.Kc6 Bf1 5.Kb7 Bxg2 6.Ka8 Kb6 7.Sa7 Kxc7 8.Qb7+ Bxb7#

4 thematic pieces (qrrb) and ideal mates.

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FEN: 8/2r5/1K6/3q4/2rk2B1/2n5/6b1/8

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Kubicek, James Lawrence

Ideal-Mate Review, 1989

Example: Chumakov theme
h#4 2.1... (2+5)

1.Ke5 c5 2.Rf5 c6 3.Kd6 c7 4.Re5 c8=S#
1.Rf7 cxd5 2.Kf6 dxe6 3.Ke7 exf7 4.Kd8 f8=Q#

Perhaps the first realization of Chumakov theme with three thematic pieces and ideal mates.

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FEN: 8/3p4/1K2br2/3p1k2/2P5/8/8/8

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Garai, Toma

Probleemblad, 1993


Example: Chumakov theme
h#3 b) wPa4→e5  (3+12)

a) 1.Sce4 Qxe2 2.Rd6 Qxf1 3.R1d4 Qb5#
b) 1.Sg4 Qxd2 2.Bb5 Qxd1 3.Qc4 Qd6#

Double Chumakov 2+2.

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FEN: 8/8/5n1p/p1k5/P6K/1pnQ2p1/3rb3/3rbq2

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Semenenko, Oleksandr

A. Ivunin-70 JT, 2017


Example: Chumakov theme
h#2 2.1... (6+5)

1.Kxc5 a3 2.Sd6 Bxe3#
1.Kxc4 a4 2.Sd5 Rxe4#

Simplified Chumakov + Zilahi.

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FEN: 8/6K1/2r5/2N5/2Pkn2R/2p1n3/P7/6B1

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Caillaud, Michel

Shakhmatna Misl, 1982

1st Prize

Example: Chumakov theme
h#5 3.1... (2+10)

1.Bd8 a5 2.Bb6 axb6 3.c1=B b7 4.Bg5 b8=S 5.Be7 Sd7#
1.Qb3 a5 2.Qb6 axb6 3.c1=Q b7 4.Qc4 b8=S 5.Qf7 Sd7#
1.Rb8 a5 2.Rb6 axb6 3.c1=R b7 4.Rc8 b8=S 5.Re8 Sd7#

Cyclic Chumakov A(BC)-B(CA)-C(AB) + Blocking piece replacement.

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FEN: 4rkn1/4bqn1/p2p4/5p2/P7/8/2p4K/8

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Chepizhny, Viktor

Shakhmatnaya kompozitsiya, 2017

2nd Prize

Example: Chumakov theme
h#2 3.1... (4+6)

1.Re1 Qxe4 2.Kd1 Qd3#
1.Bc2 Qxh1 2.Kd3 Qf1#
1.Qg2 Qxb3 2.Kf1 Qd1#

Simplified Cyclic Chumakov A(B)-B(C)-C(A).

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FEN: 8/8/K7/b7/4q3/1bp1B3/4kP2/1Q5r

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Nastran, Janez

Slovenian Championship, 1993

1st Place

Example: Chumakov theme
h#2  (7+11)
b) wQb6→b8 c) wQb6→g3

a) 1.Qf2 Qxe6+ 2.Sxe6 Rxf2#
b) 1.Qd7 Qxe5+ 2.Rxe5 Bxd7#
c) 1.Qd5 Qxf4+ 2.Bxf4 Rxd5#

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FEN: 2B5/5p2/1Q2rp2/2R1bkpP/1r2pnp1/8/3q2P1/5R1K

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