Umnov mate

The white mating piece arrives (on the mating move) on a square that has just been vacated by a black piece.

See also: Umnov move; Consecutive Umnov; Closed chain of Umnov; Delayed Umnov; FML.

Avner, Uri

J. & M. Figueiredo MT, 2011

1st Prize

Example: Umnov mate
h#2 b) wKc1→f8  (11+10)

a) 1.Sc3 Sa4+ 2.Sd5+ Sc3#
b) 1.Sd6 Sb7+ 2.Sf5+ Sd6#

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FEN: 2r1B3/1n3PPb/p1q3P1/pkN4R/nb1BP3/3P4/3r4/1RK5

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