Closed chain of Umnov

All the moves of a solution are played to the square just vacated, the square occupied at the first move being one of the vacated squares.

See also: Consecutive Umnov; Delayed Umnov; FML; Umnov move; Umnov mate.

Alias: Complete Umnov.

Caillaud, Michel

Loustau, Jean-Marc

Rotenberg, Jacques

Rex Multiplex, 1983

2nd Prize

Example: Closed chain of Umnov
h#3  (3+15)

1.Re5 Bd5 2.Re6 Re5+ 3.Qe4 Rf5#

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FEN: r1b4K/n7/2ppB3/3r1q2/3pR1p1/2b1pkp1/4p1p1/8

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