Consecutive Umnov

At least twice in a row a move is played to the just vacated square.

See also: Closed chain of Umnov; Delayed Umnov; FML; Umnov move; Umnov mate; .

Alias: Successive Umnov.

Semenenko, Valerij

V. Stankevich-85 JT, 2016

3rd Prize

Example: Consecutive Umnov
h#4.5  (5+14)

1...Rxc1 2.Kg6 Rxd1 3.c1=R Rxe1 4.d1=S Rxf1 5.e1=R Rg2#

Consecutive Umnov (W-B, RpRpRp, 3).

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FEN: 8/b6b/7p/3p1k1p/PP6/2pK4/R1ppp3/R1rnrn2

Paros, György

Fleck, Ferenc

O. Bláthy MT, 1940

1st-3rd Prize

Example: Consecutive Umnov
h#4  (4+9)

1.Sd1+ Sf2 2.Sf6 Se4 3.Sf2 Sd6 4.S6e4 Sf5#

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FEN: 5K2/8/8/8/4n1p1/3pk1Pp/3pbnP1/5r1N

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