Mutual interference between a rook and a bishop on the same square without capture.

Pawn Grimshaw: A joint term referring to interference between game-array pawn and a bishop (Pickabish theme), a pawn and a rook (Nesic theme), and a pawn and a queen (Kubbel-Grimshaw_theme).

See also: Pickabish; Nesic theme; Kubbel-Grimshaw theme; Wurzburg-Plachutta; Organ pipes.

Alias: Grimshaw interference.

Feather, Christopher John

Moultings 9, 1991

Example: Grimshaw
h#2 2.1... (3+8)

1.Re5 Rh1 2.Rc4 Ra1#
1.Be5 Rhxb7 2.Bc4 Ra5#

Doubled black Grimshaw.

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FEN: 6q1/Kp4bR/8/1R1b3r/3r4/k2p4/8/8

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Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Mezija, 1998

1st Prize

Example: Grimshaw
h#3 2.1... (3+4)

1.Kf6 Bg7+ 2.Kg5 Rf8 3.Sh4 Bh6#
1.Se5 Rg7+ 2.Kf8 Bg5 3.Sf7 Rg8#

White Grimshaw.

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FEN: 6R1/5k1K/7B/7p/6p1/5n2/8/8

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Kirtley, Mark

The Problemist, 1988

1st HM

Example: Grimshaw
h#2 2.1... (6+7)

1.Bh7 Bd8 2.Rg6 Re2#
1.Rh6 Rf2 2.Bg6 Bc7#

Black critical Grimshaw.

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FEN: 2B1r3/6n1/4r3/B1Ppk3/4b2R/7K/2R3p1/8

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Meinking, Dan

Wiehagen, Rolf

F. Abdurahmanovic-60 JT, StrateGems, 2000

2nd Prize

Example: Grimshaw
h#4.5 2.1... (4+9)

1...Re2 2.Kc4 Rxa2+ 3.Kb3 Rf2 4.Bb1 Be2 5.Ka2 Bc4#
1...Be2 2.Ke4 Bxg4+ 3.Kf4 Bd1 4.g5 Re2 5.Kg4 Re4#

Usual Grimshaw at W1 + Critical Grimshaw at W4.

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FEN: 8/8/6p1/3knb2/6p1/p5p1/p5P1/r3RB1K

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