Mutual interference between like-moving pieces standing on different lines. In other words, a pair of Holzhausen interferences between two pieces on the same square.

See also: Holzhausen interference; Grimshaw.

Alias: W├╝rzburg-Plachutta interference.

Ravarini, Romolo

Sinfonie Scacchistiche, 1977

1st Prize

Example: Wurzburg-Plachutta
h#2 2.1... (6+6)

1.Bb5 Qh5 2.Re7 Ra2#
1.Qb5 Rg5 2.Be7 Qa8#

Wurzburg-Plachutta and Grimshaw.

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FEN: 4qbK1/5r2/1P6/k7/2b2p2/2P5/6R1/6BQ

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