Organ pipes

There are two rooks between the two bishops, all four of the same colour, on four adjacent squares on a horizontal or vertical line. The play gives all four possible Grimshaw interference pairs between these four pieces. In a helpmate, two Grimshaw interference pairs are sufficient.

See also: Grimshaw.

Loshinsky, Lev

Problem, 1964

Example: Organ pipes
h#2 2.1... (4+10)
b) wSf7→f6

1.Rc6 Sd6 2.Bc7 Sxb7#
1.Bc7 Sd8 2.Rc6 Sxb7#
1.Bc6 Sd5 2.Rc7 Bxb6#
1.Rc7 Sd7 2.Bc6 Bxb6#

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FEN: 3b4/1p1rqN2/np1rp3/k1Bb4/2P5/K7/8/8

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Kovacevic, Marjan

Maroc Echecs, 2011

2nd Prize

Example: Organ pipes
h#2 2.1... (5+9)

1.Bc3 Rd4 2.Rd3+ Sf3#
1.Bd3 Rc4 2.Rc3 Se4#

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FEN: N7/8/p7/k5NR/1R3p2/7K/1brrb3/2n1q3

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van Gool, Johann Christoffel

Probleemblad, 1995

Example: Organ pipes
h#3 b) wKe8→d8  (8+9)

a) 1.Kd3 Re6 2.Kxc4 Bd6 3.Kd5 Re5#
b) 1.Kf3 Rd6 2.Kxf4 Be6 3.Ke5 Rd5#

White Organ pipes.

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FEN: 4K3/2BRRBp1/n1b2bP1/2n5/2PppP2/4p3/4k3/8

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