Shifted Babson task

Compared to normal Babson, the Allumwandlung promotions are cyclically shifted, for instance Q/r-R/b-B/s-S/q.

See also: Babson task; Allumwandlung.

Kárpáti, Aurél M.

Probleemblad, 1957

1st Prize

Example: Shifted Babson task
h#3  (7+4)
b) bKe5→a5 +c) wKc8→f1 +d) bKa5→d4

a) 1.a1=R d7 2.Rf1 d8=Q 3.Rf5 Qd6#
b) 1.a1=Q d7 2.Qd1 d8=S 3.Qa4 Sc6#
c) 1.a1=B d7 2.Bc3 d8=R 3.Bb4 Ra8#
d) 1.a1=S d7 2.Sb3 d8=B 3.Sxc5 Bf6#

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FEN: 2K5/8/3P4/1PP1k3/2P5/p2Pp3/p3P3/8

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