Pseudo Bristol

A Bristol-like line clearance in which one of the thematic pieces is a pawn or king, rather than a line-piece. Two cases can be distinguished:

1. A non-line-piece (pawn or king) clears the line for a line-piece in two or more steps;

2. A line-piece clears the line for a non-line-piece (pawn or king).

The idea was suggested by Aleksey Oganesyan in the RU-Chess-Art blog (as pawn-Bristol). The term Pseudo Bristol was coined by Viktoras Paliulionis for more general case.

See also: Bristol; Step-by-step Bristol.

Oganesyan, Aleksey

Pat a Mat, 2017

2nd-4th Prize

Example: Pseudo Bristol
h#3 b) wBa1  (5+13)

a) 1.f1=R a4 2.Rf5 a5 3.Rh5 Ra4#
b) 1.f1=B exf6 2.Be2 fxg7 3.Bh5 Bf6#

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FEN: 8/5pn1/4ppR1/4P3/7k/6pp/P2p1p2/RKbrn1r1

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Chepizhny, Viktor

Zadachi i etyudy, 2007

6th HM

Example: Pseudo Bristol
h#3 b) wBh4→e7  (8+11)

a) 1.Qf8 a4 2.Ke8 a5 3.Bf7 Qa4#
b) 1.Bd7 Ke1 2.Ke6 Kf1 3.Qf7 Qe1#

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FEN: 4q2r/5k2/4b3/2p2p1n/2Pp3B/1P1p1pp1/PP1P4/Q2K4

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Abdurahmanović, Fadil

SuperProblem, 2017

Example: Pseudo Bristol
h#2.5 2.1... (5+11)

1...c4 2.Rd5 c5 3.Rc4 Sc6#
1...cxd3 2.Sc4 dxe4 3.Bd3 Sf5#

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FEN: 7n/3rNp2/5K1p/8/1B1kp3/3pnP2/2P5/bbr5

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