Step-by-step Bristol

A line-piece clears the line for another in two or more stages. The first move of the front piece cannot be a capture.

See also: Bristol; Pseudo Bristol; Hesitation.

Alias: Hesitating Bristol; Cascading line clearance; Stufenbahnung (Ger.).

Paliulionis, Viktoras

SuperProblem, 2018

Spec. Prize

Example: Step-by-step Bristol
h#7.5  (2+6)

1...Bd5 2.Kd3 Bc6 3.Kc4 Bb7 4.Kb5 Ka7 5.Qc4 Ba8 6.Sc5+ Kb8 7.Bb7 Kc7 8.Ba6 Bc6#

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FEN: K7/1Bq5/n7/r7/1r2b3/8/4k3/8

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