Closed walk

A piece returns to a previously occupied square. Special cases of the closed walk are areal cycle, linear cycle, and switchback.

See also: Areal cycle; Linear cycle; Switchback.

Caillaud, Michel

feenschach, 1987

1st Prize

Example: Closed walk
h#9  (9+8)

1.a5 Bd2 2.a4 Bc1 3.a3 Bb2 4.a2 Ba3 5.a1=R+ Bc1 6.Ra2 Kg1 7.Rxf2 Bd2 8.Kg3 Be1 9.h3 Bxf2#

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FEN: 8/p5p1/2p3P1/6PB/2p1p1Pp/2P1Pp1k/5P2/4B2K

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