Linear cycle

A special case of the closed walk where all visited squares (except first and last) are different and belong to the same rank, file, or diagonal.

See also: Closed walk; Areal cycle; Switchback.

Paliulionis, Viktoras

SuperProblem, 2018

Spec. Prize

Example: Linear cycle
h#7.5  (2+6)

1...Bd5 2.Kd3 Bc6 3.Kc4 Bb7 4.Kb5 Ka7 5.Qc4 Ba8 6.Sc5+ Kb8 7.Bb7 Kc7 8.Ba6 Bc6#

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FEN: K7/1Bq5/n7/r7/1r2b3/8/4k3/8

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Bogdanov, Evgeny

Zalokocky, Roman

feenschach, 1983


Example: Linear cycle
h#3 2.1... (6+14)

1.Bxb3+ Kxb4 2.Bc4 Bxc1 3.Ba2+ Bf4#
1.Rxf4+ Kd5 2.Rc4 Sxc1 3.Rcg4+ Sb3#

Linear cycle bB & bR.

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FEN: 8/8/1p4p1/1P3prp/1pK2Brb/1N4p1/bp4R1/qkn4R

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Csák, János

idee & form, 1991

4th HM

Example: Linear cycle
h#3 3.1... (5+7)

1.Bb3 Sb2 2.Bc2+ Sd3 3.Bd1 Sf4#
1.Rh1 Se3 2.Rhg1+ Sg2 3.Rgf1 Sf4#
1.Kd3 Sb6 2.Ke3 Sd5+ 3.Ke2 Sf4#

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FEN: 8/B7/6K1/4P3/p1N5/P4n2/3pk3/3brr2

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