In the course of the solution, a piece is first unpinned, then self-pinned again.

See also: Unpin/pin; Self-unpin/self-pin.

Gadjanski, Borislav

Sahovska kompozicija, Liga Problemista, 1993

1st Place

Example: Unpin/self-pin
h#3 3.1... (7+15)

1.Qb2 Rxb2 2.S3e4 Bxc5+ 3.Bd4 Rb3#
1.Qxa5 Bxa5 2.Sd3 Rxe5+ 3.Se4 Bb6#
1.Bg4 Rxd8 2.Bd4 Rxc3+ 3.Sd3 Re8#

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FEN: 3rR3/2K5/1B1p1p2/P1nPbP1b/1p3p2/qRn1kp2/3prp2/8

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