In the course of the solution, a piece is first unpinned, then pinned again.

See also: Unpin/self-pin; Self-unpin/self-pin; Self-unpin/self-pin.

Jones, Christopher James Austin

StrateGems, 2006

2nd HM

Example: Unpin/pin
h#3 b) bBe6  (3+14)

a) 1.Rb7 Rd1 2.Rc7 Bd2 3.Sf4 Bxf4#
b) 1.Rd8 Bh2 2.Rd7 Rg3 3.Sd3 Rxd3#

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FEN: 7r/4b1q1/2pkpp2/2pnn1p1/2p1pB2/3R4/K7/1r6

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Pachl, Franz

Sinfonie Scacchistiche, A. Ferrari MT, 1979

1st Prize

Example: Unpin/pin
h#2 2.1... (5+10)

1.Sg5 Sd3 2.Rxd5 Qf4#
1.Sd7 Se3 2.Bxf4 Qd5#

Unpin/pin (white).

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FEN: 3r4/4pQ2/1n5b/3NP3/1p2kNp1/1r5n/3K4/7b

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