In the course of the solution, a piece is first self-unpinned, then pinned again.

See also: Self-unpin/self-pin; Unpin/pin; Unpin/self-pin.

Haymann, Jean

Haproblemai, TT, 1985

Spec. Prize

Example: Self-unpin/pin
h#2  (6+12)
b) wBa1→a5 c) wBa1→h2

a) 1.Kc2 Qc8 2.Bb6 Rxb2#
b) 1.Ke2 Rxe5 2.c2 Qg4#
c) 1.Ke4 Rb4 2.Sf5 Rxe5#

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FEN: 1K2b3/8/p7/3Rp2r/3b1P2/1Rpkn2Q/1q3p2/B1r2n2

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