Lindner 2 theme

H#2: In the initial position White "threatens mate" (set play in one move). Black avoids this mate and after his first move White "threatens" the same mate again. Black is again obliged to avoid it and eventually a different mate occurs.

See also: Apparent mate; Bukovinszky theme; Garai theme; Bukovinszky-Garai theme; Complete helpmate; Lindner 1 theme.

Korponai, József

Problem, TT-33, 1961 (v)

1st Prize

Example: Lindner 2 theme
h#2*  (10+11)


1.fxe5 Bb6 2.e4 Sce3#

Thematic tempo-try:
1.fxe5 Bb6 2.?? Sde3#

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FEN: 8/P1p5/B1P1Pp2/1r1NRK2/2k5/npp5/ppN1P3/rb4B1

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