Bukovinszky-Garai theme

H#2: A variation of the Bukovinszky theme: The short set play ends with mate A. With Black's first move, the piece giving mate A is captured. After the first two halfmoves of the solution, mate B is ready. Under zugzwang, Black destroys this mate as well, which eventually leads to mate C.

See also: Bukovinszky theme; Garai theme.

Zalokocky, Roman

Sorokin, Evgeny

Schach-Echo, 1971

Example: Bukovinszky-Garai theme
h#2*  (4+2)


1.Rxg2 Sd3 2.Rg1 Rf2#

Thematic tempo-try:
1.Rxg2 Sd3 2.?? Re1#

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FEN: 8/8/8/7K/8/8/4R1N1/2N2kr1

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