Cheney-Loyd theme

A line-moving piece makes a critical move across the square where another piece of the same or opposite colour intercepts it. The active power of intercepted piece is suppressed permanently, unlike the temporary suppression in Indian or Maslar themes.

See also: Critical move; Indian; Maslar theme.

Kluxen, Wilhelm

Kniests Schachbriefe, 1943

Example: Cheney-Loyd theme
h#3  (9+6)

1.Rh4 Ra8 2.Sg4 Sa7 3.Kxa3 Sxc4#

White and black Cheney-Loyd.

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FEN: 4K3/3B4/3P4/1N2N3/RPp1r3/PpP1n3/bk6/8

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Kirtley, Mark

The Problemist, 1988

1st HM

Example: Cheney-Loyd theme
h#2 2.1... (6+7)

1.Bh7 Bd8 2.Rg6 Re2#
1.Rh6 Rf2 2.Bg6 Bc7#

Black Cheney-Loyd.

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FEN: 2B1r3/6n1/4r3/B1Ppk3/4b2R/7K/2R3p1/8

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Tataris, Antonis

Moutecidis, Pavlos N.

H. Colonelli-85 JT, 1982

1st Prize

Example: Cheney-Loyd theme
h#2 2.1... (5+11)

1.Qa4 Rxc7 2.Rc4 Bxf6#
1.Rf5 Bxf6 2.Qe5 Rxc7#

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FEN: 7K/2p4R/1p3p2/pRr5/3qpp1B/2kp1N2/2b5/8

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