Double Zilahi

There are four thematic pieces. A and B are captured and give mate in two phases. C and D are captured and give mate in two other phases. C and D can be the same pieces as A and B. In fact, double Zilahi is two unrelated pairs of phases with simple Zilahi.

See also: Zilahi; Cyclic Zilahi.

Babic, Milomir

Problem-Echo TT, 1997

2nd Prize

Example: Double Zilahi
h#3 2.1... (3+16)
b) bPa5→e6

1.dxe1=Q Bxd3 2.Qb4 Bf5 3.Qb6 Bd7#
1.axb1=R Rxe5 2.Rb6 Re7 3.Bb5 Rc7#
1.dxe1=B Bxd3 2.Ba5 Bc2 3.Bb6 Ba4#
1.axb1=S Re4 2.Sc3 Ra4 3.Sb5 Ra6#

Double Zilahi: R/B (2x).

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FEN: 2K5/1n3pq1/2kp4/p1prp3/8/p2b4/p2p4/nBbrR3

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Stucker, Bruno

Die Schwalbe, 1989

1st Prize

Example: Double Zilahi
h#2  (7+6)
b) bPg4→g5 c) bKf4→h3 d) +bPf5

a) 1.Rxe7 Sf1 2.Re4 Rf6#
b) 1.Bxb6 Sh2 2.Be3 Bd6#
c) 1.Bxg3 Rb2 2.Qg1 Sxg1#
d) 1.gxf3 Re6 2.Rg4 Sh5#

Double Zilahi: R/B and S/S.

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FEN: 2K5/q1b1B1r1/1R5P/p7/5kp1/2P2NN1/8/8

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