Tempo rundlauf

An aerial cycle (rundlauf), each move of which can be replaced by null-moves without affecting the solution. This is a special case of a tempo maneuver.

See also: Tempo maneuver; Areal cycle.

Linss, Torsten

Paliulionis, Viktoras

Die Schwalbe, 2020

1st Prize

Example: Tempo rundlauf
h#8.5  (2+5)

1...Bh4 2.Kd6 Bd8 3.g5 Ba5 4.g4 Bd2 5.Bg5 Be3 6.Rf5 Bf2 7.Ke5 Bh4 8.Kf4 Kf2 9.Re4 Bg3#

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FEN: 8/2k3p1/8/8/3r1b2/6B1/5r2/4K3

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