Oudot task

Promotion of three black pawns to queen in a single solution. Yet unachieved task.

See also: Promotion.

Pfeiffer, Gerhard

Die Schwalbe, 1985

Spec. HM

Example: Oudot task
h#9  (2+15)

1.d1=Q Kg1 2.Qd5 Kh1 3.Qf3 gxf3 4.a1=Q f4 5.Qa2 f5 6.Qe6 fxe6 7.c1=Q e7 8.Qc5 e8=S 9.Qa7 Sc7#

Illegal position: 10 black pawns.

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FEN: kn6/1n6/2pp4/8/p7/4p1p1/ppppp1P1/1r2b2K

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