Obtrusive piece

A promoted piece, which, however, does not increase the number of pieces of the same type compared to the initial game-array position. For example, a white dark-squared bishop on a square different from its initial game position could appear only by promotion if Pb2 and d2 stood on their initial squares. Obtrusive pieces are allowed, but should be avoided.

See also: Promoted force.

Loshinsky, Lev

Korolkov, Vladimir

Sahs/Shakhmaty (Riga), 1967

1st Prize

Example: Obtrusive piece
h#2 4.1... (8+13)

1.Qf4 g4 2.S3e4 d4#
1.Kd4 gxf3 2.e5 dxc3#
1.Kf4 gxh3 2.S5e4 dxe3#
1.Ke4 g3 2.Sd7 d3#

Obtrusive wBb6.

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FEN: 8/1r6/rBK1pp2/1Qn1k3/bq6/1pn1pp1p/1P1P2PP/3R4

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