Mixed Phoenix

A piece moves to the promotion square, where it is captured by a pawn which promotes to the piece of the same type.

See also: Phoenix; Sankt Petersburg theme.

Bene, Viktor

Jonsson, Bernt Christer

Uralskij Problemist, A. Ivunin-50 JT, 1997

3rd Comm.

Example: Mixed Phoenix
h#2  (5+8)
b) wPf6→e6 c) wSe8→e3 d) bKc6→e6

a) 1.Sc8 bxc8=S 2.Qb5 Se7#
b) 1.Bc8 bxc8=B 2.Sd5 Bd7#
c) 1.Ra8+ bxa8=R 2.b5 Ra6#
d) 1.Qc8+ bxc8=Q 2.Sf5 Qc4#

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FEN: 1K1nN3/1P1bn3/rpk2P2/8/2qP3b/8/8/8

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Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Orbit, 2013

11st HM

Example: Mixed Phoenix
h#2 2.1... (5+7)

1.Qxa4 Se4 2.Qe8+ fxe8=Q#
1.Sxd6 Qb5 2.Sde8 fxe8=S#

Phoenix + Mixed Phoenix.

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FEN: 5KB1/5Pn1/3Nk2b/5np1/Q2p4/8/8/q7

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Caillaud, Michel

Die Schwalbe, 1984

3rd Prize

Example: Mixed Phoenix
h#4*  (8+4)

1...Sc1 2.bxc1=S c4 3.Se2 c3 4.Sg3 Rh2#

1.Bg2 Ra1 2.bxa1=R+ Kb2 3.Rh1 Sd4 4.Rh3 Sf5#

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FEN: 8/8/8/7p/P4P1k/1NP2P2/RpP5/1K5b

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