Kniest 1 theme

A helpmate with promotion from one side in the set play and from another in the actual play.

See also: Promotion.

Kniest, Peter

Deutsche Märchenschachzeitung, 1932

Example: Kniest 1 theme
h#5*  (3+7)

1...f4 2.Sf3 f5 3.Se5 f6 4.Sf7 fxg7 5.Sh8 gxh8=Q#

1.Sxe2 Kxe2 2.d1=R f4 3.Rd8 Kf3 4.Rh8 Kg4 5.Rh7 fxg5#

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FEN: 8/6p1/6pk/6p1/8/4pP2/3pP3/3K2n1

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