Chameleon echo-mates

Echo mates, where squares with the black king are of different colors.

See also: Echo mates.

Grubert, Harald

Schachmaty (Baku), 1990

1st Prize

Example: Chameleon echo-mates
h#4 b) wSd4→f5  (5+1)

a) 1.Kf1 S4e6 2.Ke2 Kb4 3.Kd3 Sf4+ 4.Kd4 Sc6#
b) 1.Kg2 f4 2.Kf3 Se6 3.Ke4 f3+ 4.Kd5 Sc7#

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FEN: 3N4/8/8/1K6/3N4/5P2/5P2/6k1

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