Echo mates

A pair of mates in which the pieces involved are located on same places in relation to each other, except for the possible rotation, shift and mirroring of position.

See also: Chameleon echo-mates.

Paliulionis, Viktoras

3rd Maroc Echecs, 2013

2nd HM

Example: Echo mates
h#2.5 4.1... (4+2)

1...Rd5 2.Be3 Rc5+ 3.Kd4 Sb3#
1...Re3 2.Kd5 Bb3+ 3.Kd4 Sc2#
1...Ba4 2.Bb6 Rd4+ 3.Kc5 Sb3#
1...Ra3 2.Kb5 Bd3+ 3.Kb4 Sc2#

Four model echo mates. The echo type depends on the order in witch the solutions are listed.

I-II: Echo mates (mirrored diagonally, 0, 0)
II-III: Echo mates (shifted, 1, 1)
III-IV: Echo mates (mirrored vertically, 1, 1)
IV-I: Echo mates (rotated 90, 2, 0)

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FEN: 8/8/8/2b5/2k5/3R4/2B5/N6K

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