Brunner-Turton doubling

Special case of Turton doubling in which pieces A and B are of the same strength.

The difference from Brunner-Loyd clearance is that the critical piece preserves its supportive power of the other piece.

See also: Turton doubling; Loyd-Turton doubling; Brunner-Loyd clearance.

Alias: Brunner-Turton.

Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Gravure, 2019

2nd Prize

Example: Brunner-Turton doubling
h#2.5 2.1... (4+6)

1...Rd3 2.Ka4 Rcc3 3.Qb5 Ra3#
1...Rc1 2.Qc2 Rc3 3.Qa4 Rc5#

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FEN: 8/8/p1q5/Pk1n4/1nRp4/R7/8/5K2

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