Brunner-Loyd clearance

A piece makes a critical move. Another piece of the same colour moves on the critical square in order to move to an opposite direction. The first piece is not supporting the other. The difference to Loyd Clearance is that the pieces are of equal strength.

See also: Brunner-Turton doubling; Loyd's clearance.

Kovács, Norbert

Magyar Sakkvilág, 1934


Example: Brunner-Loyd clearance
h#4  (4+10)

1.Ra1 Bxc3 2.Rbb1 Be4 3.Rh1 Sd6 4.Rh5 Sf7#

Brunner-Loyd clearance bR-bR (pure).

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FEN: 8/8/1K5k/nNp5/prp5/p1p5/1Bp5/2r4B

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Mihajloski, Zlatko

Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Maroc Echecs, 2011

3rd HM

Example: Brunner-Loyd clearance
h#6  (2+8)

1.Rb1 Kf8 2.b4 Bg8 3.b3 Bxb3 4.Reb2 Ba4 5.Rb8 Ke7 6.R1b7 Bd7#

Brunner-Loyd clearance bR-bR.

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FEN: 2k3K1/2n4B/p7/1p6/1r2p3/4p3/4r3/8

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Semenenko, Oleksandr

A. Kirichenko-60 JT, 2015

4th-5th Prize

Example: Brunner-Loyd clearance
h#5.5  (2+13)

1...e4 2.Be3 exf5 3.a1=B fxe6 4.Bad4 exf7 5.Ba7 fxe8=Q 6.Beb6 Qc8#

Brunner-Loyd clearance bB-bB.

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FEN: 1n2r3/5p2/kbn1r3/pb3p2/8/3p1q2/p3P3/4K3

Paliulionis, Viktoras

Die Schwalbe, TT-214, 2019

2nd Prize (Miniatures)

Example: Brunner-Loyd clearance
h#7  (2+4)

1.Qe2 Be4+ 2.Qdd3 Kf6 3.Kd1 Ke5 4.Qa6 Kd4 5.Sd2 Kc3 6.Qe1 Kb2 7.Qae2 Bc2#

Brunner-Loyd clearance bQ-bQ.

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FEN: 8/6K1/q2q4/8/8/8/2k5/1n5B

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