Zalokotsky theme

In a helpmate in three (or more) moves, in the first phase, some piece visits in succession three squares. In another phase, anothe piece of the same color (or the same piece) visits the same three squares also in succession, but in opposite order.

In a helpmate in two moves, reduced form of the theme is allowed: in one phase some piece plays to square A, and then to square B. In another phase, another piece of the same color plays to square B, and then to square A.

Zalokocky, Roman

Suvorovskij Natisk, 1965

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#2 b) bKc6→e3  (3+4)

a) 1.Kb5 Qe1 2.Ka4 Qb4#
b) 1.Kf2 Bb4 2.Re3 Be1#

Reduced form of the Zalokotsky theme.

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FEN: 5b2/4B3/2k5/8/8/5r2/4n3/1K5Q

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Abrosimov, Viktor

13th Russian Team Championship, 1999

3rd Place

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#3 2.1... (5+9)

1.Bh5 Sf6 2.Bxg4 Se4 3.Bf3 Sec3#
1.Kf3 Sc3 2.Kxg4 Se4 3.Kh5 Sef6#

Double Zalokotsky theme bB/bK & wS/wS.

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FEN: 3Kb1N1/8/4p3/3p2p1/6Pp/8/3rk3/1B1Nnn2

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Cinko, Peter

feenschach, 1988

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#5 b) bKf8→b4  (2+10)

a) 1.Sc3 bxc3 2.Rg7 cxd4 3.Be5 dxe5 4.Qf6 exf6 5.Re7 fxg7#
b) 1.Rc3 Kg7 2.Qa4 Kf6 3.Ba5 Ke5 4.Sa3 Kxd4 5.Bb5 bxc3#

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FEN: 4bk1K/r1b2p2/q7/1n6/3p4/1p4r1/1P6/8

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Lundström, Anders

British Chess Magazine, 1978

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#3 2.1... (2+7)

1.Kb5 Rh8 2.Ka4 Rh1 3.Bb5 Ra1#
1.Kc7 Ra1 2.Kd8 Rh1 3.Ke8 Rh8#

Zalokotsky theme with one thematic piece (wR).

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FEN: R7/3b4/2k2K2/4p3/1p4p1/1p6/2p5/8

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Pandar, Okan

Problemist of Ukraine, 2020

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#3 2.1... (6+10)

1.Ke4 Rc6 2.R4d5+ Rc5 3.Kd4 Rc4#
1.Kxe6 c4 2.Kd7 c5 3.Se6 c6#

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FEN: 2qrbn2/K1p1p3/4R3/N3Pk2/n2r1P2/4b3/2P5/8

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Haymann, Jean

Tel Aviv TT, 2011

1st Prize

Example: Zalokotsky theme
h#2 2.1... (8+11)

1.Rd3 f4 2.Rdg3 Kxe4#
1.Rg3 fxe4 2.Rgd3 Kf4#

Zalokotsky theme (bR/bR, reduced, 2).

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FEN: 7B/4p3/4P3/1pPQKP2/1n2n3/2k2P1R/2pr1pr1/2b4q