Onkoud 2 theme

Two rooks are captured by the king of the opposite side after the line between them is closed by the piece of the same or opposite side.

Onkoud, Abdelaziz

Problémiste, 2014

Example: Onkoud 2 theme
h#3 2.1... (5+10)

1.Bh4 Be5 2.Kxf5 e3 3.Kg5 Bf4#
1.Be5 Kb3 2.Kxd5 e4+ 3.Kc5 Bg1#

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FEN: 8/2p2p2/2ppkpp1/1p1R1R2/6p1/6b1/K3P2B/8

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Prcic, Mike

Onkoud, Abdelaziz

StrateGems, 2015

Example: Onkoud 2 theme
h#6 b) bPf4→c5  (2+13)

a) 1.Bb5 Kxb4 2.Ke2 Kxc5 3.Kd3 Kxb6 4.Kc4 Ka5 5.Kc5 b3 6.Bc4 b4#
b) 1.Sb5 Kxb6 2.Kf4 Kxc5 3.Ke5 Kxb4 4.Kd6 Ka5 5.Kc5 b3 6.Sd6 b4#

Illegal position: no legal last move for White (BTM).

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FEN: 8/8/1rpn4/K1np4/1rbppp2/4pk2/1P6/3q4