Loshinsky magnet

Like-moving black and white pieces stand next to each other in direction of their movement. At least three times when the former moves away along their common line the latter follows it by moving to the adjacent square.

See also: Magnet.

Alias: Loshinsky theme.

Meinking, Dan

U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1993 (v)

Example: Loshinsky magnet
h#3 4.1... (6+5)

1.Rg3 Rf3 2.Qf5 Rxf5 3.Rg2 Rf3#
1.Rf3 Re3 2.Rg3 Rxe6 3.Rg2 Re3#
1.Qg4 Bf5 2.Rd3 Bxd3 3.Qg2 Bf5#
1.Qf5 Be6 2.Qg4 Bxb3 3.Qg2 Be6#

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FEN: 8/3B4/2P1q3/8/P6p/Rr5k/4P2n/K7

Bakcsi, György

Europe Echecs, 1971

1st Prize

Example: Loshinsky magnet
h#2  (4+14)
b) bPc5→c4 c) bPd4→d5

a) 1.Rcf3 Qe3 2.d3 Qxe4#
b) 1.Rce3 Qd3 2.c3 Qxd4#
c) 1.Rcg3 Qf3 2.e3 Qxf4#

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FEN: 8/8/3ppp2/2p1k3/pR1ppnP1/KQr4r/7q/6bb

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