Herlin theme

A line-piece should come to thematic line beyond the critical square. To accomplish this it first makes a move along the parallel line and by-passes the critical square, i.e. it makes a peri-critical move.

Complete Herlin maneuver: The unit that will be interfered with starts its maneuver from the thematic line.

Alias: Pericritical Indian.

Paliulionis, Viktoras

Die Schwalbe, 1988


Example: Herlin theme
h#6  (2+4)

1.Ba8 Bb7 2.Rh2 Kd7 3.g3 Bc8 4.Kg2 Ke6 5.Kh3 Kf5 6.Bg2 Kg5#

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FEN: 2K5/8/8/8/6p1/8/3r2b1/5k1B

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