Extended cross

A piece makes a move to all four adjacent orthogonal squares and each time proceeds with a move to the next adjacent square in the same direction.

See also: Cross; Big cross; Extended star.

Alias: Prolonged cross.

Bakcsi, Gy├Ârgy

Europe Echecs, 1972

3rd Prize

Example: Extended cross
h#2 4.1... (7+12)

1.Sg2 Kf5+ 2.Kc2 Kxg5#
1.Sf3+ Ke4+ 2.Kc2 Ke3#
1.Sc6+ Kd5+ 2.Kxb3 Kc5#
1.Sb7 Ke6+ 2.Kxb3 Ke7#

wk Extended cross.

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FEN: 7B/3P1B2/3P2Q1/n3K1p1/bp4pr/pP6/1k1p4/2brn3

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