Compass theme

The black king and two black pieces alternatively occupy two squares X and Y in a 4-solution helpmate in two. The distribution of the occupation of the two squares X and Y may take several possible cardinal directions and it is helpful to use a compass to identify in which geographic zone the occupations are made by the black King and the black pieces.

For more information, see the article by Abdelaziz Onkoud: Le thème de la Boussole.

Gurov, Valery

Probleemblad, 2003

1st Prize

Example: Compass theme
h#2 4.1... (5+12)

1.Ke4 Bxb6 2.Rf4 Re3#
1.Ke6 Ra7 2.Re5 Rxd6#
1.Kf4 Bxd1 2.Be4 Be3#
1.Ke5 Rxd2 2.Qe6 Bxd6#

Compass theme (North, 4-4, 4)
Type: Double North, 4 thematic squares (bK flights), 4 thematic self-blocks, 4 phases.

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FEN: 8/7b/1p1p1r2/R1B2k1r/2p5/K2R2pq/1nBp4/3n4

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Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Aachener Nachrichten, 1977

3rd Prize

Example: Compass theme
h#2 4.1... (4+8)

1.Ke5 f8=Q 2.Rd4 Qf4#
1.Kd6 f8=S 2.Rc5 Qe6#
1.Ke7 f8=R 2.Rd6 Qf7#
1.Kf6 f8=B 2.Re5 g8=S#

Compass theme (North, 2-2, 4)
Type: Simple North, 2 thematic squares, 2 thematic self-blocks, 4 phases.

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FEN: 2r5/2p2PP1/q3k1p1/3r4/4n1K1/p7/Q7/8

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