Brochettes theme

In all phases, all moves are made by the same pieces in the same order, and pieces of each side must be of a different kind.

The theme was proposed by Abdelaziz Onkoud for the 5th Azemmour TT in 2017.

External link: Award-Dresde-2017.pdf.

Alias: Skewer theme.

Predrag, Nikola

Udovčić, Branko

Azemmour TT-5, Dresden, 2017

1st-2nd Prize

Example: Brochettes theme
h#4 2.1... (4+7)

1.Sd7 Sxc6 2.Qf5 Kb2 3.Re5 fxe5+ 4.Ke6 Bb3#
1.Sf7 Se6 2.Qh5 Kb1 3.Rg5 fxg5+ 4.Kg6 Bc2#

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FEN: r2N3b/8/2p2k2/rq2n3/B4P2/8/K7/8

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Chepizhny, Viktor

Yasinovataya TT-6, 2002

Spec. Prize

Example: Brochettes theme
h#2 4.1... (4+8)

1.Ke4 Bb6 2.Qe5 Sd2#
1.Kg4 Be1 2.Qg5 Sh2#
1.Kg6 Bd2 2.Qg7 Sh4#
1.Ke6 Bc7 2.Qe7 Sd4#

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FEN: 5R2/3p3p/5q2/B2n1k1n/8/3p1N1p/8/5K2

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Roland, Marcos

5th Azemmour TT, Dresden, 2017

5th Prize

Example: Brochettes theme
h#3 2.1... (6+11)

1.Qd3+ Rxd3+ 2.Kc6 Bxf2 3.Bb5 Kf5#
1.Qe3+ Rxe3 2.Ke6 Bg3 3.Bd7 Kd3#

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FEN: 8/2pk1r2/5p2/6pP/b3K1PB/2p3qR/4npBb/8

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