Azemmour 8 theme

H#2-3 theme: Each black move of the first solution is repeated once in one of the other solutions, furthermore only one move is repeated in each solution.

This is the theme of the 8th Azemmour TT (Fujairah, 2022).

Onkoud, Abdelaziz

Kudesnik, M. Havel-140 MT, 2020


Example: Azemmour 8 theme
h#2 3.1... (7+11)

1.Qb5 Qe8 2.Rxc5 Qxe4#
1.Rxc5 Bxd1 2.Rdxd5 Be2#
1.Qb5 Rxd1 2.Sxd5 Rc1#

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FEN: 1nr1q1QK/8/5p2/2PP4/1pk1p3/1pnrP3/4B3/2Rb4