Artificial castling

A sequence of moves which brings the King and Rook from their initial position to the squares which they would occupy after a natural castling.

Alias: Fake castling.

Chepizhny, Viktor

Feenschach, 1962

Example: Artificial castling
h#3*  (9+4)

1...Kf2 2.e1=R Rf1 3.Re5 Kg1#

1.exd1=B Se4 2.Bg4 Sg3 3.Kf3 0-0#

Artificial castling in the set play.

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FEN: 8/8/8/6N1/5k1P/1PPp3p/3Pp2P/3BK2R

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Liskovets, Valery

Phénix, 1998

Example: Artificial castling
h#3 2.1... (4+3)

1.Kd7 Ba3 2.Rd8 Bd6 3.Kc8 Sb6#
1.Ke7 e6 2.Rf8 Bf6+ 3.Ke8 Sd6#

Artificial castling in the actual play, true castling in the tempo-try:
1.?? Ba3 2.0-0-0+ Bd6 3.?? Sb6#

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FEN: r3k3/1p6/8/4P3/2N5/8/1B6/3K4

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