White Kniest theme

Black captures a white piece on the square, where the wK will stand in a mating position. Unlike the classic Kniest theme, the roles of the thematic white and black pieces are reversed.

White Zajic theme is a special case of the White Kniest.

See also: Kniest theme; White Zajic theme.

Burbach, Johannes Jacob

Sanderse, Jacobus Theodorus

Probleemblad, 1980

2nd Comm.

Example: White Kniest theme
h#2 4.1... (9+11)

1.Qc4+ Qxc4 2.bxc4 Kxc4#
1.Qd3+ Qxd3 2.exd3 Kxd3#
1.Qf1 fxe3 2.fxe3 Kxe3#
1.Ba5 Sc5 2.dxc5+ Kxc5#

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FEN: 5N1k/2bN3P/3p4/1p1P1p2/1P1Kpp2/2Q1pp2/p3qP2/B7