Striptease theme

Successive twins where each new position is built by removal of one piece of either color from the position that precedes it.

Zidek, Alexander

Schach-Aktiv, 1989

1st Prize

Example: Striptease theme
h#2  (2+14)
b) -bRd5 +c) -bBa4 +d) -bPd7 +e) -bPf7 +f) -bPf3 +g) -bPb6 +h) -bPb5

a) 1.Kd6 Qa3+ 2.Ke5 Qxe7#
b) 1.Kc5 Kd3 2.Kb4 Qc3#
c) 1.Kc7 Qa7+ 2.Kd8 Qb8#
d) 1.Kd7 Qa6 2.Ke8 Qc8#
e) 1.Kd5 Qa2+ 2.Ke4 Qe6#
f) 1.Kb7 Qh1+ 2.Ka6 Qxa8#
g) 1.Kb6 Qg1+ 2.Ka5 Qa7#
h) 1.Kb5 Qf1+ 2.Ka4 Qa6#

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FEN: n7/3ppp2/1pk5/1p1r1p2/b4p2/2K2p2/2n4r/Q7

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