Short set play

A special case of the set play which is more than half a move shorter than indicated in the stipulation. In this case, only the shortest set play is taken into account; longer set plays (if any) are ignored. A special case of the short set play is apparent mate.

See also: Set play; Apparent mate.

Cseh, Gábor

Thema Danicum, 1997

3rd HM

Example: Short set play
h#8*  (10+12)

1...f8=S 2.b4 Se6 3.b3 Sd4#

1.b4 e8=B 2.b3 Bb5 3.axb5 f8=B 4.b4 Bc5 5.f2+ Bxf2 6.Kf3 f7 7.Re8 fxe8=B 8.Ke2 Bh5#

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FEN: 8/4PP2/p4P2/Pp6/5P1P/3p1ppp/1PpPk1p1/2BbrnK1

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