In the course of the solution, a piece is first self-pinned, then self-unpinned again.

See also: Pin/unpin; Pin/self-unpin; Self-pin/unpin.

Lois, Jorge Joaquín

Kapros, Jorge Marcelo

feenschach, 1983

1st Prize

Example: Self-pin/self-unpin
h#3 b) wPd3→h4  (4+10)

a) 1.Kf5 Ka2 2.Re5 Sd5 3.Qg5 Sg7#
b) 1.Kf6 Kxa4 2.Be5 Sd4 3.Qe7 Sh5#

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FEN: 3q4/5b2/3pN1n1/pr2k3/p4Nr1/K2P4/8/b7

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