Sacrificial clearance

The front piece of two doubled line-pieces of different colors moves along the line to sacrifice itself, the rear piece captures this piece.

See also: Bristol.

Alias: Capturing Bristol; Opferbahnung (Ger.).

Abdurahmanović, Fadil

Ellinghoven, Bernd

feenschach, 2009

1st Prize

Example: Sacrificial clearance
h#4.5  (6+10)

1...Bc7 2.Ba7 b8=Q 3.Bxd4 Qb6 4.Be5 Qd6 5.Bxh2 Qxh2#

Sacrificial clearance bB-wQ

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FEN: 1bK5/1P6/8/1n6/3Pp3/5pBp/4pPpP/4r1nk

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Caillaud, Michel

Liga Problemista, Mat Plus, 2009

1st Place

Example: Sacrificial clearance
h#3 b) wSc7→g7  (4+8)

a) 1.Ke3 Bd3 2.Ba6 c3 3.Bxd3 Sd5#
b) 1.Bf5 Bc8 2.Ke3 Bxf5 3.gxf5 Sxf5#

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FEN: 2b5/2N5/B5p1/6p1/3kp1p1/6K1/2Prr3/8

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