Rovno theme

Exchange of places of two pieces of the same kind but opposite colour in at least two phases.

See also: Place exchange.

Alias: Rivne theme.

Piliczewski, Bogusz

The Problemist, 2013

2nd HM

Example: Rovno theme
h#3 4.1... (6+9)

1.Sb1 Sxe4 2.Sc3 Sc2 3.Sexd5 Sd2#
1.Sxd5 Sd1 2.Sc3 Sc2 3.Sb3 Sde3#
1.Sb3 Sxf3 2.Sd4 Sa2 3.Sxd5 Sd2#
1.Sc2 Sxf5 2.Sd4 Sa2 3.S2b3 Se3#

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FEN: 4B2K/8/q7/3P1p2/1PkNp3/2Npnp2/3n4/b7

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