Onkoud theme

In one phase, a white piece A pins a black piece C, while the white piece B is captured. In another phase, the white piece B pins the black piece C on a different axis, while the piece A is captured.

See also: Transferred pin.

Onkoud, Abdelaziz

Springaren, MT M. Persson, 2012

4th Prize

Example: Onkoud theme
h#2 2.1... (5+11)

1.Bxd1 Qxe4+ 2.Kxe4 Re6#
1.Sxb1 Rxd4 2.Kxd4 Qc5#

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FEN: 8/4Q3/2KR4/5p2/3ppp2/3nkq2/2bn4/bB1R1r2

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Kniest, Peter

Aachener Nachrichten, 1967

Example: Onkoud theme
h#2*  (6+5)

1...Bxc3 2.Kxc3 Rc4#

1.Qb4 Rxc3+ 2.Kxc3 Rc4#

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FEN: 8/8/8/B7/3R4/RqpP4/2kb4/KnN5

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