Mates on the same square

At least 3 different mating moves are made on the same square.

See also: Play on the same square.

Marcel Tribowski

harmonie, 1992

1st Prize

Example: Mates on the same square
h#3 3.1... (4+9)

1.Ke3 Bxc4 2.Rf1 Se6 3.Rf3 Re2#
1.Qf4 Sf5 2.Kf3 Rh2 3.Be4 Be2#
1.Sd3 Rg3 2.Se5 Bd3+ 3.Kf4 Se2#

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FEN: b3K3/5p2/5p2/8/2pNk2q/1p6/1n4R1/5Br1

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