Iceland theme

A line is controlled from opposite directions by two black line-pieces of the same motion. Black interferes with the line on both directions, and consequently White can give mate on a square on that line.

Paros, Gy├Ârgy

Die Schwalbe, Carte de Voeux TT, 1949

Example: Iceland theme
h#2 2.1... (5+9)

1.Sc4 Kd1 2.Bg4 d4#
1.Sg4 Kf1 2.Bc4 f4#

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FEN: 8/3p1p2/3RbR2/4k3/q6r/3P1P2/1nr4n/4K3

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Zarur, Almiro Elias

Dalla Rosa JT, 1964

1st Comm.

Example: Iceland theme
h#2 2.1... (5+10)

1.Sfe2 Sgf4 2.Se6 Se3#
1.Sfe6 Sdf4 2.Se2 Se3#

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FEN: 3Br1b1/8/8/1p1N4/R2n1nk1/5pp1/K5Nq/4r3

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