Hidden tempo-try

For every tempo-move there exists a tempo-try corresponding to it. A hidden tempo-try is defined as a tempo-try that corresponds to none of the tempo-moves of the solution. However, the mentioned correspondence has not been defined rigorously yet. Therefore presently we identify hidden tempo-tries only in the case when the solution does not contain tempo-moves but the problem contains tempo-tries; according to the definition given above all of them are hidden.

Jonsson, Bernt Christer

Tidskrift för Schack, 1982

1st HM

Example: Hidden tempo-try
h#5  (3+8)

1.Bxg4 e4 2.Bf5 exf5 3.Kh5 fxg6 4.Kh6 gxh7 5.g6 h8=Q#

Thematic tempo-try: 1.a1=B e4 2.Bf6 e5 3.Bd5 exf6 4.Bg8 f7 5.?? fxg8=S#.

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FEN: 8/6pp/6pk/6p1/6B1/5b2/p1p1P3/2K5

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