Helsinki theme

A black piece sacrifices itself to a white pawn to enable it to vacate a square for a black pawn which, in turn, vacates a square for the black king.

Zajic, Helmut

Schach-Report, 1995

1st HM

Example: Helsinki theme
h#3 b) wBa5→g1  (6+13)

a) 1.Qc6 dxc6 2.d5 d4+ 3.Kd6 Rxh6#
b) 1.Rg4 fxg4 2.f3 Rg8 3.Kf4 Bh2#

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FEN: 2n2K1R/pq6/3p3p/B2Pk2p/1p3p1r/3PpP2/2nb4/8

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